April 13: Liberty Tree Town Hall

Where: Karl’s Klipper, 40 Bay Street @ 8PM


A Reading: The Fifth Amendment

Protects the People against abuse of government authority in court proceedings; also contains a favorite Libertarian hot button: no private property shall be taken for public use, without just compensation.

A Second Reading: The Declaration of Independence

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson.

A Discussion: Electoral Politics & Political Activism: Complementary Forces

These two vital parts of the political process share the same objectives, yet they employ very different strategies and tactics. Here’s a primer on how they each can help (and hurt) the other’s mission.

The People Speak: The War in Libya

Humanitarian mission, “kinetic military action,” or simply shooting war #3 for the United States? (#4 if you count Pakistan)

We yield the floor to any and all NY-13 neighbors and residents, regardless of political affiliation. Speak your mind; observe your First Amendment rights. We respect all points of view.

Free Pocketsize Constitution!

The Staten Island Libertarian Party will once again be offering to all in attendance free pocket copies of the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence.

Liberty Kitchen & Pantry!

We ask anyone planning to attend to consider bringing a food gift to the Town Hall for donation. Area food pantries are running short.

• Baby food always needed

• Non-perishable foodstuffs and canned goods

• New or like-new pots, pans, microwaveable cookware, cooking utensils welcome

• We’ll even find a good home for your extra or unneeded cookbooks

If you cannot attend but want to help, you may also arrange for pickup or find the nearest drop-off location by calling our Liberty Line @ 646-543-7457, or contact info@statenislandlp.org.

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